Collective Haul pt 1

Finally, I've got some free time on my hands! My summer has been super busy, between work, family and my boyfriend, I haven't had much time to blog the way I had planned from the begining! So here's my first haul, keep in mind this is collective (I didn't go out and buy all this yesterday!) So from the middle of July until now, here are most of the things I've gotten! Enjoooooy :)
Ps: excuse the picture quality!

So I finally picked up two blushes I've been contemplating for a long time now. I'm usually really pale and wasn't sure if I'd pull these two off, but with my summer tan I decided to give in! I picked up Trace Gold & Springsheen. After buying and wearing both of them for the past few weeks, I realized they will both look good on pale skin in the winter too! Springsheen is a soft pink with gold reflects. It's similiar to Orgasm by NARS (in my opinion!) Anyways, It's gorgeous! Trace Gold is a peachy gold, when wearing it my cheeks look like they're glowing, it's so pretty! In the winter, I feel like I would have to apply this lightly, or else I would have orange glowing cheeks, but with a light hand it will look good all year around :) I'm glad I bought both of these!

Lipgelee's in Moonstone and Saplicious! Long story behind this one, Saplicious was the last one in the city I live in so I'm glad I finally hunted it down and bought it! Moonstone is a silver-ish baby pink, very frosty but looks awesome over a nude lip. Saplicious is a neutral warm colour, perfect if you wanted a toned down lip, with just a hint of colour.

Urban Decay Primer Potion: No lengthy explanation here, just needed more!
Mac Lipglass in Nymphette: Looooove. Warm pink with gold reflects, looks gorgeous on any lip. Would reccomend to anyone! Swatch doesn't really do much justice, but that's probably because this camera isn't that great either!

Will update the rest tomorrow, see you then!
Ally :)


Coming soon!

Sorry for the absence, again! I've been slacking but I have a huge collective haul coming within the next week :) See you soon!