Bright and Bold!

With summer here, I figured I'd give a couple bright lipsticks a go! I usually wear more neutral colours, or more toned down versions of brighter colours but I thought this summer I would try wearing bright and bold lipstick every once in a while :) So I went to my local MAC store and picked up Vegas Volt(left) & Impassioned(right)!

Vegas Volt is more of a vibrant peach, in my opinion. I recommend putting on a lip moisturizer before hand if you have dry lips, it will last longer and look more even through out the day! Impassioned is a hot pink/fushia colour - extremely bold. I'd say that Vegas Volt is a more wearable daytime lipstick, it's still bright but just not as bold as Impassioned! I'm loving them both atm, although I do have to get more used to Impassioned!
Below are some swatches :)

Talk to you again soon!

My first post!

I've been contemplating starting a blog forever, and maybe even a youtube account aswell! I figured I'd start one today, cause I had some extra time on my hands! I'll be blogging about my opinions on cosmetics, fashion and my life ofcourse! Let's get started :)